Meet Hanna the Apron Lady



Welcome to Miss Apron Lady. I happily share my passion for all things I’ve ever cooked in my kitchen; sweet and savory, in hope that you too will find pleasure, joy and sustenance in good food. Your kitchen is a place to be creative and productive. Meals are meant to be savored and enjoyed. Good food is simple, fresh, seasonal and delicious. Miss Apron Lady is a tool for helping you eat well and enjoy the process of cooking and baking real, good food.

Growing up in an Afrikaans speaking all-girls boarding school from the age of 7 to 18, yet having very traditional Taiwanese parents, meant that I often had an identity crisis before my character had taken root. It was only after happily growing into my own skin that I had realised that I actually have the best of both worlds – Eastern and Western. I have my Eastern heritage to thank for my sacred view on food, and love for the enjoyment of it. It can be said without question that Asian cultures have the highest regard for food. The Taiwanese way of greeting one another is not “how are you?”. Instead, they ask “lee jia bar meh?”, which means, “have you eaten yet?”.

On the other hand, I have my Western influences while growing up to thank for my skills in the kitchen cooking and baking Western dishes. I spent almost all of my childhood time with my hostel friends and their family on their beautiful, vast farms all around South Africa. This is where my love of food, and cooking, was first sowed in my heart.

Everything beautiful in life can be tasted and best enjoyed with a good meal. Food brings people together. It heals, nourishes, and gives joy. A person’s choice in food can tell you a lot about their character. It’s a source of life, it’s an art form – it’s a celebration.

The food I make for my friends and family are often fancy, over-the-top experiments and creations. Their ingredients altogether may be costly to buy, so I suggest gathering a group of friends and splitting the costs. Cooking is more fun when more people are involved anyway! I have compiled recipes for twenty-seven different dishes, which can be accessed through my recipes tab. However, for the indecisive souls out there, I have chosen my personal favourites. I will be writing four posts on breakfast, lunch, dinner, and desserts. These will include my recommended dishes for each, along with a personal touch as to why I indulge in those pass times.

Along with great food this blog provides a look into my life as I wade my way through my third year studying a Bachelor of Business Sciences degree at the University of Cape Town, while also feeding my passion for food that started it all.

I appreciate your part in this journey and am honored that you’re here.

All photos were taken by me unless otherwise noted. I use a Canon 5d Mark II when I choose to take pictures of my food.

Feel free to contact me through my contact form if you have any questions or inquiries.

Much love and blessings

Hanna Yen (Miss Apron Lady)