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Good Friday to all you beautiful Apron Ladies and Gentlemen! I have been scouting around for an excellent food/recipe blogger to guest feature on Miss Apron Lady, so that you may all enjoy another passionate culinary artist’s outlook and insight. This is Terri Johnson’s post from her blog . Terri’s blog is a delightful baking and personal blog dedicated to her mom, and every post is very heartfelt. It’s an absolutely exceptional blog, so feel free to check it out when you’re seeking more baking inspiration! Hope you all enjoy it 🙂

Have a foodlicious weekend Apron Ladies and Gentlemen,





My mom is often asked to make birthday cakes and last month was no exception. She was approached to bake a bee themed birthday cake for a one-year-old girl. She had free reign to bake whatever she thought was best within a reasonable price range and the only passing comment regarding the cake was the word “hive”.

Inspiration was drawn from looking at images on the internet and then she drew up a sketch of what she thought the cake should look like. Like Benjamin Franklin said; “If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail!”. Regardless of this fact, I still find planning pretty boring, and now you still need to do it in baking!

The first order of business was making the little bumblebees, flowers, miniature hives and the #1. These were all made from edible plastic icing. These can be made ahead of time as it doesn’t go stale or “off”. Plastic icing can be bought at most baking supply stores or if you’re feeling adventurous, you can make your own BUT life is far too short to be bogged down trying to make your own plastic icing. She said that modeling the little wings for the bees was the most frustrating process. Another mission was the crumb coating. “Crumb coating”?! I did not know what crumb coating was until right then. It’s the base layer of icing applied to a cake. It makes for easier and smoother finishing of your final layer of icing. She chose to use butter icing opposed to fondant because it simply tastes better!

The red velvet cake had four tiers; one square base with 3 round top layers that formed the hive. Red velvet is my favourite, so luckily for me I got to eat the off cuts of the cake. To keep the layers of cake from sagging one into the other, you should ideally put dowels (supportive rods) in the base layers to support additional weight BUT she is not a professional and just decided to use straws hahaha. It did the trick!

All her time and effort spent making the cake was rewarded when the birthday girl squealed with excitement when she saw her bee-cake :)

– Terri Johnson,


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