As my blogging journey nears its end, I cannot express the overwhelming gratitude for my readers’ appreciation of my blog posts enough. Thanks to all of the wonderful comments of encouragement, my anxiety when I started my first blog was quickly replaced with excitement. I would like to give a small token of love to my readers, without whom I would not have been able to further improve my blog. Some divine premium Lindt Swiss chocolate for the learning curve of an experience you have all rewarded me with!

This is a competition/give-away, with the prize being 100 Lindt milk truffles. I am aware of my American, Australian, Taiwanese, and Philippine readers. If you win, they will be air mailed to you. The competition only runs for 5 days, and it’s very simple. You have to be an email follower of my blog to enter. Once you’ve followed my blog (if you haven’t already), then comment on this post with both your email address and your favourite Miss Apron Lady recipe I have shared so far! There are 25 to choose from, and they can be easily accessed through my Recipes tab above. State your favourite recipe along with your reason for it being your favourite. Thereafter, tweet me @missapronlady with your favourite recipe and why. I will be choosing my favourite answer, as I don’t believe in random draws, because I feel that the best person should win.

All the best Apron Ladies and Gentlemen! All my love for the remainder of the week.


x x x


  1. I love the desserts that you share. My favourite one is definitely the mango cheesecake, as it looks so yummy and it feels like you need a lot of technique to make it… Only Miss Apron Lady makes the most amazing desserts that I know so far :))

  2. “Chocolate Soufflé topped with chocolate and walnut shavings. Finished with white chocolate on triple ice cream on waffle and wafer sticks with Strawberry on the side.” This would be my number 1 recipe and will definitely be trying it out. It looks absolutely delectable, I would lick the plate clean. You had me at Chocolate, lol, and then you went and added the ice cream on waffle. #DessertPorn

  3. Another favourite…The lasagne. I cannot resist lasagne, cheese is the love of my life. It looks so delicious in the pic, I can only hope that mine would turn out the same…not just in looks but in taste as well. Still waiting on my invite to be a guinea-pig 😀

  4. How does one choose ONE favourite recipe when they all look and taste so good! Being a foodie, food for me is an experience and I must say, your blig has been such a great experience! I look forward to making EVERY single recipe you’ve posted!

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